West Africa

Aware Migrants

Community Mapping


Number of Respondents



Other / Not Specified:


18 - 25
9333 respondents
26 - 35
2219 respondents
751 respondents
Total Have you ever migrated before?
6,677 Yes
5,626 No
Total Plan to migrate?
9,180 Yes
3,123 No
Total 8. What was the most challenging part of your journey?
6,217 Leaving my friends, family, and home.
1,383 Money
1,267 Dealing with smugglers
853 Dangerous route
234 Being detained
Total 7. Where did you get your information for your journey?
6,836 Friends and family etc.
2,032 Social media
613 News
277 TV
196 Connection middlemen or agent
Total 9. How did you feel returning home after your migration attempt?
5,330 I was happy that I'd returned safe
611 A failure returning with little or nothing
490 Better job prospects and life
246 A burden and embarrassment to my family
Total 6.Why did you leave COUNTRY?
4,983 Better job prospects, for a better life for me and my family
513 Other reason
511 Family expectations or pressure
240 To escape war or conflict
Total 10. Why are you planning to travel?
2,023 To find a better job
1,201 I want to study abroad
255 I heard I could make money in other countries
136 Other
92 To escape war or conflict
Total 11. Where would you like to go?
2,425 Europe
427 Other African countries
271 Libya
154 Middle East
Total 14. How do you or your community feel about those people who have returned home after attempting to migrate?
3,761 We are happy that they are back safe
817 We feel they have failed because they came back with nothing or very little
624 They will be supported to restart their lives here
424 They will be a burden to their families and the community